#022 Shanon Squires – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Shanon Squires, B.A., ACSM EP-C, has taken a deep dive into Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Tokens and Mining. From educating others and successful trading, to building a mining farm pilot project. Shanon has acquired a vast and well-rounded body of knowledge in this new asset class. Over the years Shanon has developed key connections in the […]

#021 Lea Thompson – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Lea is the founder of ‘Girl Gone Crypto’ and a blockchain media & content specialist. She makes videos about blockchain for both nerds and normies alike. Lea is passionate about advancing the space by connecting everyday users to blockchain powered applications by focusing on projects that increase crypto adoption. She has an interesting ‘entry into […]

#019 Jimmy Thommes – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

In mid April, we will have Jimmy Thommes of Bit Capital Group on the podcast. Jimmy is a lawyer turned crypto miner from Chicago Illinois. He operates a GPU-based compute cluster in central Washington state. Jimmy wants to build GPU farms for the purpose of performing live video transcoding, machine learning, and other computational heavy […]

#018 Matt D’Souza – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On this week’s episode, we are joined by Matt D’Souza who is an entrepreneur with a primary focus on Bitcoin and is deeply involved in the blockchain ecosystem. He is the CEO of Blockware Solutions – which is one of the largest distributors of ASIC’s to the US and provides research focused on Bitcoin mining. […]

#017 Marshall Holbrook – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On this episode, we present Marshall Holbrook, the founder of Bi[email protected] Inc., a natural gas manufacturing system provider that changes the game by partnering with other natural gas producers to apply their production towards manufacturing crypto. [email protected] eliminates the pipeline, local utility, gas broker and the deflated gas rate from the natural gas production equation. […]

#016 Eli Rouimi – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On February 18, Crypto Mining Tools Podcast will interview Eli Rouimi about mining adventures in Venezuela and his idea to build a strategic revenue-share alliance with the government once the US sanctions have been removed. One of Eli’s companies also supplies bitcoin ATM machines in Miami with the mined coins, selling them at 15% above […]

#015 Pavel Moravec – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On today’s episode, we are joined by Pavel Moravec, the co-founder and co-CEO of Braiins. Braiins is the company behind Slush Pool, the world’s first Bitcoin mining pool. They are currently working on the Braiins OS which is a fully open source operating system for cryptocurrency embedded devices. His team is additionally working on Stratum […]

#012 Devin Blitzer – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

What is the future energy source for mining? We interview Devin Blitzer of BYO Energy in this very educational episode all about electricity rates, powering miners by natural gas through turbines and more! Previously, Devin has work with IBM. Currently, he is CEO of BYO Energy, a company that provides electricity generation via waste & […]

#011 Alejandro De La Torre – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

In this episode, we interview Alejandro De La Torre of Poolin. Alejandro has 7 years of cryptocurrency industry experience with multiple acquisitions. Currently, he is VP at Poolin.com, a multi-currency mining pool. He was previously VP of BTC.com & BD at Blocktrail. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YqKDnqwngVJV https://www.facebook.com/cryptominingtoolspodcast/videos/608578529685308/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/crypto.mining.tools/permalink/484505159130124/ Transcription All right. Hey, everybody, thanks for joining. Everybody, welcome […]

#010 Rob Walther – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Rob Walther, previous with Fidelity Investments is now the founder of an exciting startup called ContainMint. Rob has led IT infrastructure and operations for global companies. Most recently, he has been focused on the construction and support of hosting facilities for cryptocurrency mining. Rob is now developing cost-effective ways to mine cryptocurrency with his new […]

#009 Brett Garman & Greg Ohanessian – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Today we interview Brett Garman, Digital Operations Officer at Fix256 & Greg Ohanessian, Co-Founder & CEO at Fix256. Brett is an Air Force veteran and has been involved with Blockchain since 2015. He has a moderate-sized mine in Charleston SC and is the founder of The Blockyard LLC. Greg Ohanessian is experienced in high-density crypto […]

#008 Kyle Herron – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Kyle Herron is Chief Growth Officer at Frontier Mining, a cryptocurrency hosting and colocation services company. As a repeat founder, Kyle Herron is focused on catalyzing independence, innovation and entrepreneurship. He gave his first TED Talk at the age of 18 and has had a hand in starting more than 50 companies. https://www.facebook.com/groups/crypto.mining.tools/permalink/468759040704736/ https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OdKrLqbwmqJX Transcription […]

#007 Fernando Rivero – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

We interview Fernando Rivero, co-founder of the Mining Disrupt Conference in Miami. July 2020 will see the 2nd mining-specific conference organized by Fernando. He has been working in the blockchain industry for over 5 years & currently plans educational and networking events related to the blockchain realm. https://www.facebook.com/groups/crypto.mining.tools/permalink/468750640705576/ https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOxwaowQALGB Transcription Speaker 1: Ethan is our […]