On Friday, April 10, we will have Saqib Alam as a guest on our podcast. Saqib is an avid spec miner since 2016 when he started building a small mining farm with GPU rigs he made using off the shelf parts. He has endured the roller coaster ride of the 2017 bull run and the impending bear markets of the years following. Saqib has continued his journey by working for various companies in the crypto space such as Atheneum and Unigrid. Recently, he has become an integral part of the Crypto Mining Tools team as a broker and web projects administrator.

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Right. Our live welcome everybody to, I dunno what episode number this is 24. I think we’re out of order, but this is the dough mining tools podcast where and actually so keep your, you said it great before we started going live, you said we talk about the real good stuff that the technical stuff that really just speaks to the everyday minor. Right?


Yup. And we’re here with our cohost Ethan circa.

Hey everybody. And we’ve got [inaudible] woo.

Yeah. So for, for everybody that doesn’t know a Sakib is actually a part of our team now he’ll tell you a little bit more about his story and his background, but today we’re going to be talking about GPU and some other stuff. We welcome your comments for everybody that’s viewing today. And yeah, we’re just going to have a great time talking about GPU.

Awesome. Right? Yeah. [inaudible] I get to, I get the pleasure of working with you every single day, almost every day. And even on like the weekends when we miss like one day, it feels like forever. So I’m really excited to have you on the show and, and you know, to hear your story, you know, tell us how, how did you get into crypto? How did this all start for you?

Well, first of all, guys, I really want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to come out here and, and, and kind of, you know, talk about my story and you know, talk about GPS because I know that’s the topic that we really haven’t covered that much on crypto mining tools. And I really want to talk to you all as a few miners out there on this, on this episode. So my story it’s a very interesting story because you know, I, I actually got in to BTC around in 2017 when it was around $1,500. And my friend, this friend that I had, he actually started mining dash in 2016. So what he did is he went and bought these bike Hells, these little bike alimony’s. He bought about 30 of them and he was one of the first people to get them and he started mining dash with them and he was mining will one dash per day, you know, with these.

Wow. So can you explain to everybody out there what a buy cow mini is in case they don’t know?

Yeah, so a Baikal mini is a, is an async minor. It’s a version of an async minor with an algorithm that is is geared towards you know, mining a dash X 11. That’s the name of the algorithm. So, and it’s, it’s very small. It’s not like you’re a, you know, average us nine or at 17. It’s tiny. You know, it’d be about this small and you know, it has the raspberry PI chip on it and it is able to mind, you know, X 11 at one point, I, you know, as I said, 30 of these reminding one dash a day, he accumulated 700 dash held it through and through still, as you know, to this day. And he’s a strong believer in dash. And you know, I believe you know, he, he really got me into it. And the thing about him he, he didn’t know the technical part of it.

So he bought these miners and then, you know, he kind of knew that I was into GPU [inaudible] and I was into overclocking and I was into all of these, you know, computers and technical things. And the real interesting part of my story is, you know, when he first told me about it and I realized that I could, you know, all my life, you know, I used to, I used to, I used to be a gamer, a PC gamer, right? Like, like most of most people that, you know, have GPS, they’re PC gamers and, and I you know, I couldn’t always get the latest and greatest cards. So what I would have to do is, you know, I would get the mid tier one, maybe an ATI or you know an Nvidia and I would overclock it and I would get a, modify the bios and I would overclock it and try to get, you know, better FPS in my games.

And I would just, it was just amazing to me. I had to pinch myself for months on end, you know, to realize that I could use that, you know, towards mining an actual value, you know, something of actual value. And it was, it was just a dream for me. It was a, you know, once I got into it and my story basically begins where, you know, me and my friend after he had the success with dash. He basically asked me to build some rigs. And so we just, you know, we went out to the stores and got some GPS. We got, you know, five at the point at that time we got a RX five seventies, these are AMD RX five seventies mostly the AGB versions because they have a, you know, the dag file, a download limit is higher. So you can, you know, mine that aerium for longer basically at that point. That was the idea. But yeah, we got about 30 30, 30, 40 of these cards and you went all in.

So, and you know, it was, it was crazy because the reason why we did it and, and when I got into it, you know, I he, my friend, he wanted to create a source of regular income and, you know, he, he already had some, you know, some BTC, some dash saved up and you know, so he wanted to get some regular income from crypto as well. And the best way to do that at that time was to have a rig because each card was making, you know, five, $6 a day, you know, even on nice hash. And that’s what, you know, all of the miners back in 2017 they started with was just nice hat. It would just put a BTC address in there and you’d have your rig and just, you know, press start and it would go. And you know, I had, I had a lot of lessons that I learned from from ice hash. I moved on from that pretty fast. But, you know, I ended up getting hacked.

Well, I didn’t lose that much luckily, but you know, I learned my lesson and I, I learned about to FAA security and how important that is for everything. And so, you know, my journey began from there. And you know, I’m, I’m really happy to say that you know, that each of the rigs that we built, you know, have, have ROI, you know, over 10 times. And this was because we were in the game at the right time and the right place at the right time, you know, and that’s another thing. But at the, at the end of it, you know, when I first started, it was like, you could just mind anything and make money, you know, it was, it was just your, you were making profit no matter what. But when you’re talking about profit, like you’re talking about selling that for Bitcoin or selling that for dollars for BTC, basically.

Yeah. Sending that for BTC. You know, I’ve had a lot of BTC that basically has, has been transacted through, you know, old coins. And, and I think there was, you know, all of 2017 was a really amazing old coin rally. It was, it was never seen before, especially the ICO, you know, the ICO came in later, but I think the GPU mined coins and then the staking coins and the master node coins, those, those were around for a long time. And, you know, it was really interesting to get an experience with all of those. So, so now I think you were saying earlier before we went live, you’re running some [inaudible] now. And yeah.

I have a mix. I still have some bike hell’s running. And these are, these are mining onion, deep onion. And, and this is something that bear markets. The bear market was amazing for me because it really gave me the time to kind of get my feelers out and explore the crypto community and learn about different things like, you know, outside of mining, like trading and you know and, and, and staking master nodes, these things. But, but then it also taught me about about different things in, in mining and, and, and, and, and what to mine is actually just as important as you know as what, you know, what you have. So, you know, I know with ACX it’s, it’s pretty straight forward. We, most of us, you know, we just mind BTC but with GPU is you actually have a choice.

And it’s really important because there is a speculation game to it as well. And I know that there’s been some crypto people that I follow, like not so fast on Twitter and he’s been really, really amazing. An amazing is pretty minor that I’ve been following throughout the year, not so fast. And then who else would you say that you used as a resource to, to learn back has always been you know a really great source for me and drove us. Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve also had at one point it was buried. One, he was the one that was coming out with all of these bios mods and things. I don’t really see him that active anymore, but it was really interesting. The types of bios mods that we were doing to each of these [inaudible] and getting 15, 20, 25%.

So you mentioned master nodes and

Staking coins or stake coins. Can you explain in more detail what that is or what that means to people who don’t understand?

Sure. So obviously there’s a, you know, proof of work is what you’re doing when you’re extending electricity to mine, Bitcoin or old clients when it’s and then you have another technology which is proof of stake and proof with proof of stake and what, which is what if their IOM is actually moving to you know, pretty soon and stake is where you’re actually holding a certain amount of Cline’s in a wallet on your computer and for holding it for a certain amount of time, it gains a steak weight and that steak weight multiplied. And there is a certain randomness to it. But basically what it comes out over a certain period of time, everyone you know, the people that have more Clines held for longer periods of time that are staked for longer periods of time you know, are able to get more steaks and that is a more basically a, an an, you can call it an interest, you can call it you know, a, a profit on your and every client is different as, as, as, as far as the reward. The staking reward goes. But yeah, that’s pretty, pretty much what staking is.

That sounds very confusing.

Oh, it’s good. It’s really easy. I mean you know, you just have a wallet and you hold instead of, you know, mining coins, you buy them from the market and then you just hold them in your wallet and while you’re holding them, they’re staking and you can actually see the

Gaining an interest.

Yes. It’s like gaining an interest and it’s all in their white paper as far as, you know, what percentage you will get during which block number. So whenever, you know, it’s between this block and this block, this is the stake reward. And so, you know, and the frequency of the stakes change as far as you know, the number of coins you have multiplied by how long you’ve been holding them.

So I’m, I’m assuming the longer you hold these coins, the more valuable they become.

No, it’s not that they’re more value. That’s what you want. But yeah, no, I, so I got into the, the master note thing a little bit. Somebody who was raving about it and said it was like awesome. Right. But yeah, these coins, you know, and then the projects behind them sometimes aren’t really that great and

Oh yeah. Trust me, I’ve had you know, I’ve held I’ve held coins such as you know, Ember coin is one of them that you know, I, I started out with like a, it was $300, went up to $30,000, not even joking. That $300 investment went up to 30,000. I was one of the first people, you know, the steak and I staked a large amount. And so I became, you know, one of the top holders of that coin. And,

And you still are. That’s the thing about it.

I had so many of them,

You know, I didn’t, I didn’t even get time to cash out. But you know, the really interesting thing, and that’s another thing that I want to talk about, is that I’ve held onto some of these projects because they have morphed and, and th the thing that has morphed them is the community and two of these projects that I’ve actually worked for in the past and, you know, still do an [inaudible] and you know, on a side on a side of fashion that basically I’m a writer for Athenian chain and Athenian chain came out of Ember coin. Athenian chain is the first blockchain that is connecting education to the blockchain. So they are connecting with universities and schools and they’re trying to get their degrees on the blockchain. And that’s just, and then they have their corporate training platform as well. So that, you know, that happened because the community voted on it after, you know, the the creator of the client basically, you know, just

Yeah, exactly. I’ve got my 30,000, I’m gone.

And it’s, it’s really interesting. You know, some of the, another project is unit grid and there are another their donation platform on the blockchain that came off another you know, scam project. It was a, a whole it was a hold coin. Yeah, it was hold. But you know, I, it was really interesting because I got to experience all of this and be a part of the journey and I’m still a part of the journey and it’s really interesting to see where these end up, you know? [inaudible]

What advice cause it sounds to me like you’ve gotten in involved in a lot of like I guess, I don’t want to say failed, but projects that didn’t go as expected, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll get that ice. Would you give somebody brand new into this? Who, you know, let’s say they’ve only got a budget of a few hundred dollars us. They see, you know, GPU is kind of, it has the most dynamics, the most flexibility. What advice would you give to them to get in that way?

Well if you, basically, if you want to be safe, I would say just, you know, buy Bitcoin and just hold it.

Safest thing to do.

It’s in the industry, but if you want to be risky, then you know, and, and, and if you’re technical and if you want to go into GPU is you know, there’s many coins out there. I mean, those are two of the clients that I mentioned that you know, they fail, but they still today, you know, they have value because of you know, the community and that there’s, you know, a hundreds of examples like this, you know you know, I’m still we’re still mining coins like Ubik you know, that, that are, that are smart contract platforms and, and you know, that have real world use cases. They have customers, you know, so it’s really interesting. Another one is bit tube. You know that that is something that, you know another thing.

Well, what, what does that bitch you bitch you,

No, it’s a bit bit too

Two. Okay. She said bitch, you, I was like, ah, okay.

The centralized video platform. Okay. Hey, so after we just wanted to talk about our sponsor here, but and then I want to ask you a little bit about some of the software you’re using to control your rigs,

Especially like how you get in and how you can tune and modify the performance. But yeah, I’d like to give a big shout out to our sponsor of today’s episode. Novablock. Novablock has been in the pool seen for about six months now. And in that short time, I believe, Scott, please correct me if I’m wrong, but we got a notice that they are in the top five or the top 10

In us or worldwide.

I think it was worldwide that they showed us.

I’d have to look that ups or somebody can correct us, but yeah, they’ve been moving up.

Yeah. They, they definitely have been moving up the, you know, very up and coming and they believe that, you know, as the mining is shifting away from China, especially now given the difficulties that’s going on in China and moves towards North America, they want to be a leader in the industry. And the way they want to do this is by giving their customers greater transparency. And also, you know, a greater education on, you know, what is going on in a pool and how their machines are actually mining in the pool. So Scott’s going to tell you guys how to get a great deal from them. I use them, I think they’re wonderful. Now Scott’s going to go and so you guys had to get a good deal.

All right. So if you don’t have an account you can actually go on the right hand side of their website and sign up. You can use an invitation code OFFORD18, and that’ll give you a permanent reduction in your pool fees down to 1.8%. And like, we always like to say, if you do have a large amount of hash rate that you’d like to try with you can get that pool fee a little bit lower but definitely try out Novablock Novablock.com and give them a look.

That’s great. Thanks. Okay. Saqib so tell us, you know, like you’re talking about, you can still utilize even older generation hardware, hardware that I wouldn’t even imagine would be useful in mining by putting in, you know, custom tuning and firmwares and updates. So tell us about that.

Right. so basically, you know, when I first started building these rigs and it was a real trial and error process because not only was it just you know, creating the rigs from off the shelf parts you know, and getting these you know, gang motherboards and riser cards and everything that we’re up to to where I could have six cards, you know, per GPU or eight cards, sorry, six cards per rig or eight cards per rig. And controlling them through windows was a challenge.


Because, you know, windows is not actually meant to even have that many cards, so you have to have custom drivers and things like that. But recently what’s you know, and this is why I think the bear market was, was, was amazing. There have been many solutions that have come out during this bear market that have targeted basically remote controlling of your rigs. And, and you know, once you pair that with a, a remote hardware you know, plug. So what I have is you know, for my friend, I have the these power plugs that are connected to the internet and they can be switched on and off. So one, one issue that you have with with, with GPU rigs is sometimes they’ll hang, and that’s something that you don’t really have with ACX, you know

Oh, he’s extending all the time.

I mean, they hang, but they’ll, they’ll reset themselves, you know, and, and with P PCs or GPU rigs, you don’t, they don’t reset themselves. And so you will have to, the only way to really reset it is to manually turn off the power and turn it back on. And so the solution I found for that was you know, to have these internet plugs where you can, you know, control them via the internet and they’re basically a switch a remote on and off switch. And the other thing that you can do with this is you can monitor your power usage and you can set alarms. So whenever the power usage goes below a certain level, it’ll send you an alarm, it’ll send you a notification. And the other thing that I’ve really found that, you know, I’m not using windows anymore for any of my rigs. I’m using you know, things like there’s custom Alec SMS is one of them, a simple mining operating system. And these are all built on Linux. And what, what what they do is they will allow you to, you know just have these, get a USB drive, get a USB stick, and you can just download this this image on it and boot your boot, your rig off of it, and then you can just control it remotely and you can, yeah, you can even overclock under volt.

So you don’t even need like a hard drive or anything to install into it. Yeah.

Yeah. I don’t have any hard drive on any.

What would happen though, if you, if you power cycle the machine, how would the machine know to boot? I mean, I guess you would have to go in the bios. So the word Intel, it’s always good from the thumb drive. Yeah,

Exactly. So you’ll have that preset. Yep. And there’s another setting that you need to do from the bios when you’re mining. And you know, you can look into that. It’s for, it’s for supporting more than four cards. Whenever you have that, you have to enable an option in the bios. What’s a, what’s an alternative to simple mining or, or why did you choose that over something else? Well, a symbol mining is, you know, it has been around for awhile. So it’s, it’s been over a year that I’ve been using it. There have been other that have come out recently, but I’ve been a little hesitant to use them because, you know, it’s, it’s kind of like simple mining. Even though they’re, they’re free for, you know, your first two days a year, they do charge you after that you have to [inaudible]


Dollar per month per rig or something. It’s really cheap. But you know, that’s their, that’s their a business model. And, you know, it’s, I’m fine with that. You know, they’re giving me a service and, and you know, they’re, they’re, well, they, they deserve it. But as far as the free services that have come out you know, it’s kinda like the the dev fee that a lot of these [inaudible]


Or they could just be siphoning all of that you know, to their wallet and you just,

So kind of like a, maybe like a bait and switch kind of thing and you’re worried about that, you know, better, better the devil, you know, than the one you don’t.

Exactly. Yeah. Linux is definitely the best. I mean you know, it is much, much better than than windows for any GPU operations.

Now, recently in, in a podcast it was mentioned that you know, basically the whole mining system is, is based off of this old code called CG miner and just variants of it. And, and now there is a new version if you will you know, a much more improved version. What are your thoughts about that and do you think that is going to impact GPU mining? Because I know CG miners used in G GPU mining as well.

Well, what I’ve noticed is that my, you know, and this is why I’m still able to, you know, mine with older hardware, you know, even 10 sixties are, are still profitable. Because of you know, a lot of, you know, given your electricity cost is low enough because of because of these improvements and these algo and these softwares, they are, I would say 15 to 20% better off the bat. You know, then they were you know, a year or two ago when they first came out.

Wow. That’s fascinating.

Yeah. And, and the temperature is controlled better, you know, the their their fan profiles are also custom tuned, better so that you have less overheating problems and issues like that.

That’s pretty amazing. So what can be done with these cards? I mean, it’s, is it just the you know, the operating system that allows you to tune these, or can you actually go into the cards themselves and you know, make some software changes to make them better?

So that’s, that’s the other thing that that, that I’ve done on all of the cards is I have a custom bios rom on them. And what the custom bios does is you know, it, it makes, it basically makes it a mining card. And what that does is it, it, it kind of takes away from the 3d uses that it needs and it puts power more towards, you know, that algorithm that increasing the hash rate towards that. And so what happens is you can actually run it. So if you’re, if your graphics card, a core clock is, let’s say it’s like 1400 or 1300 megahertz is a core clock, you can actually run it at 1150 and still get, you know, and get and get better hash rate than you would at 13, 1400. And, and you’re able to increase your memory voltage a lot more as well with the custom bios.

Because what it’s doing is it’s, it’s tuning the course specifically to run just hash algorithm versus doing a general purpose task.

Exactly, exactly. And so, you know, when let’s say, you know, when I want to use a card for gaming, I’ll just, you know, flash it, flash it back to a stock bios. And I’ll just you know, gain with that.

So how, how do you even F I, I wouldn’t, you know, I’ve been working with computers more than half my life and I’ve never ever flashed a custom bios into a video graphics card. So how, how would you even do that? How do, how’s that even done? Like, I know how to do it for a computer, but I wouldn’t have no idea how to access into a card’s bios.

You know, you know, the interesting thing was when I was flashing six biosis, you know, and on, on, on one rig and you had to do them. So, so what happens is you’re only able to do like two at one to two at one time and there’s a different softwares for AMD and Nvidia that that are able to you know load your bios. So what you would obviously do is you would definitely save the current bios of card and you know, in case there is a, an issue you, so that you could flash that one there in different, using the, you know, using a secondary graphics card as your primary. But yeah, I mean it’s, it’s pretty easy. If you have the right of a bios version and if you have the wrong bios version usually it, you know, the software just tells you that it’s not the right, it’s not compatible for that.

So where do you find these bios images? I mean, you, you must be able to source them from somewhere, right?

Yeah. Yeah. So there’s a, there’s, there’s several websites that you can that you can actually source these bios websites. Hold on. So if you, like for example, if you search RX five 80 bios and,

Oh, okay. You just just put in the, the card model number. And

So tech power out tech power hour as a website that I would recommend. They are reliable and they have, you know the stock, they have the stock biases, but as far as, you know, the, the modified bios, you’ll have to, you’ll have to look around for that. And there’s things on YouTube. As I said look into, you know, some of the varied one videos, he has a lot of helpful things. Yeah.

So basically the loaders that load in the custom bios there, they kind of come together as a package deal. You get the custom bios and the loader and the loader knows how to talk with the card and load. Okay.

Right. Yup, exactly. But you know, it’s, there, there are some you know, the thing that I found, it’s, it’s pretty, it’s pretty safe. It feels safe because a graphics card usually these five, eighties, five, seventies, and a lot of these high end graphics cards, they have a bio switch. So you’re able to flash a one bios and then if that fails, you know, you can just move on to the bios to switch back, switch to switch. And then, you know, just you know, reload flash year old bios back.

Yeah, sure. Motherboards have that feature as well. I just never knew you could do it to graphics cards. I’ve never, I’ve never had a need to do it. So, I mean, I, yeah, I’ve never had it,

You know, it’s really interesting that, as I said, a lot of you know, I remember in 2017 gamers were unable to get a GPU is because of

The miners were buying them all. Yeah,

Exactly. And, and it was, it was, it was an amazing opportunity to be a part of that. I don’t, you know, I’m not sure if we’ll you know, if it, I’m pretty sure once we have an old season, it’ll happen again. But you know, it was very, very amazing to be a part of that. And I look forward to another old coin run soon. So a sucky it. Just tell us a little bit more about your journey as well. Cause I, I know we used to live in the United States, but now you’re elsewhere. Yeah. So so basically, you know once I left U S I, I you know, I was in I was working on some projects and Malaysia and you know, I worked on a, a 500 million, $500 million jetty project. It was a five kilometer jetty. It was the world’s largest city.

And I was the deputy project manager for the, for the, for that product. What’s that? What’s a jetty? A jetty is they were shipping iron ore from Brazil to China. It’s valet minerals, which is the world’s largest iron ore company. And they needed a stopping point because, you know, obviously they can’t make the journey in one shot with, you know, a big load, they need a storage facility so that we created a jetty, which you know, these big ships, they can’t really come out so close into the you know, into the to the Harbor because of the water level. So we have to create a, a jetty, which is five kilometers. It’s like a it’s like a M w

It’s like a big loading dock. Right, right. Yeah.

Loading dock and you have a bale belt, a conveyor belt and everything on it. And, and yeah, I mean we were both out in three years in record time. The company that I worked with actually made the the the stadium for the, for the football world cup you know, before I started before I started with them. So, so, you know, after that you know, I, I, it was really interesting for me to get into into crypto and as I said, you know, I’ve been, I’ve been a lot of things and, and I’m still holding onto a lot of the projects that I was with originally, but as far as crypto mining tools and, and I kind of wanted to give a shout out to Scott and Ethan for really transforming my life. You know, like getting me involved here because it has always been, you know, I’ve always kind of had the lookout for opportunities in crypto. And I, you know, I applied for a different things, but I never really found the right fit. But you know, after meeting Scott and Nathan, I think it’s really transformed my you know, my, my crypto journey and took taking me to the next level where I can be a part of mining longterm. And that’s really what I want to do. And we’re, we’re paying you to say this.

No, we’re not. I mean, technically he doesn’t get paid for the podcast. He gets paid for other things he helps out with, but he doesn’t get paid for the podcast. Tell us a bit about that. What, what do you think of a crypto mining tools and, and the changes that you’ve been a part of to make an not cool?

Well, you know and this is, this is really interesting. When I started out in, in, in Malaysia, the, the project that I was talking about, you know, I was just an accountant. And I never studied accounting before I was an engineer. They started me off as an accountant. But you know, I became a deputy project manager. And, and over here, you know, with you guys, when I first started off, you know, I was just doing, you know, tiny Excel things and, and things like that. But slowly I started realizing, you know, the opportunity and, and, and that, you know, very, you guys were really taking this [inaudible] and that started out with the with your website, you know, crypto mining about tools and, and the options that you had for, you know, miners like me. You had you had the calculator app, you have the comparison app and it’s not really laid out. Like before I used to, I used to, I used the websites that I used to go to before, don’t really have this, you know, this level of detail. Even, I haven’t even found a website that takes into account, you know, the Bitcoin block happening.

Yeah. That’s still, nobody’s, nobody’s got that but us.

And that’s kind of really crazy because you can’t understand your profitability without knowing that information. There’s no way. So basic things like that. And, and when I, F and the other, the thing that I’m a part of now, which is, which is what we’re creating, which is the directory, and this is the directory for you know, mining farms worldwide. This is something that has never been created before. I haven’t seen it, you know, in the mining industry and I’m really, you know, it’s, it’s amazing that Scott and Ethan did this for the community. And I really hope that everyone uses it to its maximum potential because, you know, that’s, we are doing this to create value for the community. Yep.

Yeah, absolutely. Oh, hello. And there you are.

Yeah. So if you visit the website and stay around long enough it’s a KIBO pop up and start asking you some questions.

Yeah. Speaking of you know, being able to talk to [inaudible], can you let our audience know or everybody out there know what is the best way to reach out and talk to you?

Well you can you know, send me a message here on our website crypto mining.tools that that’s, you know, an easy way to get to me or you can you know, reach my Twitter @saqibxp. Yeah, that’s pretty much a, I’m always available on cryptomining.tools.

That’s awesome man. That’s awesome. Yeah, I learned so much from you and it’s, it’s going to be hard to continue working with you now without me asking you more questions because I still have more questions

And this is kind of what I wanted to get the conversation started about GPU is because you know, it’s, it’s really, I know [inaudible] are amazing and they are, you know, for probably the, the brunt of our customers, but I think the GPS are something that we really should look into as well and start talking about at least, you know, on the show and we can start, you know, from there.

Yeah, absolutely, man. Absolutely.


Man, it looks great. The directory, the directory does, like every time I look at that, it just makes me smile that’s coming along. So yeah. Right now we have Shannon Squire’s working on partnerships with different hosting companies and we got [inaudible] working with the development team as along with you Ethan. And we’re really just now adding some more features and making this a little bit more robust. And then we’re going to go back and fill out some more features on that. The calculator, there’s shopping

Broke rationally and enhances, are in the works daily. You know, we’re evaluating potential enhancements and especially on the back end giving and empowering users and their ability to utilize the technology to make it easy for them and powerful for them. And these things are being done constantly. So don’t be afraid to, you know, come back and, and, and check in on us because you should, you should always be seeing something different. At least every week, every week you should see something or be able to notice something different.

Yup. We are basically looking to revamp you know, the site and make it even better than it is you know, for, for the for the perspective buyer. Yeah.

As the Cuban I say Kaizen, which is a Japanese word for continual improvement.

Yeah. Right. Then all right, so [inaudible] any last words of wisdom or maybe a funny joke or, yeah, we’re not going to talk about poop or fart pooping

Or farting on our podcast, but we do talk about bad gas, right?

Yeah. I just, I just wanna, you know, tell everyone to be safe, be safe during this time, you know, be with you know, take care of your family and stay, you know, stay indoors and you know, state stay at home stay home, stay safe and you know, we want to survive this time so that we can thrive in the time that is coming. So, you know, I just want everyone to stay safe and their families to stay safe. All right, good. Well, thanks for your time. I’m glad you can join us and tell us a little bit more about GPU. Thanks a lot to keep much appreciate it. Thank you. Take care guys. Bye. Bye. Yeah.

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