#034 Mike & Scott – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

This episode presents Mike & Scott from Supplybit. Mike launched Supplybit in January, 2020. He has over three years of cryptocurrency experience and over 10 years of trading experience. In Spring 2017, Mike launched GCG, a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Additionally, Mike has experience as an FX discretionary trader at a Tier 1 proprietary trading firm, […]

#033 Steve Barbour – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Steve Barbour is a Mechanical Engineer in the Canadian energy sector whom in early 2017 combined his experience in the traditional energy sector with Bitcoin mining. Spotting an opportunity to turn excess energy produced in oil & gas wells into Bitcoin, he created Upstream Data, which prides itself in designing, constructing and operating modular Bitcoin mining […]

#032 Charlie & Christian – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On this episode, we have Charlie & Christian join us for an exciting conversation. Charlie started an oil & gas data completions data business, Oilfield Logix, in 2013. Oilfield Logix partners with oil & gas consultants, Spears & Associates, to produce market reports on the US land drilling market. A longtime Bitcoin bull, Charlie started hobby ASIC […]

#031 Dustin Minch – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

On this episode of Crypto Mining Tools, we have Dustin Minch join us for an interesting conversation. Dustin is a crypto mining nerd who has been studying blockchain technology since late 2016. These days you can find himspending most of his time learning SEO and blogging abouttopics related to the Bitcoin mining industry. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbQgMYoexX https://www.facebook.com/groups/crypto.mining.tools/permalink/576786373235335/ […]

#030 Rolf Versluis – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Rolf Versluis is Co-Founder and Executive Advisor of the privacy oriented cryptocurrency Horizen. He also operates private cryptocurrency mining facilities with thousands of operational systems, and has a blog and YouTube channel on how to mine profitably. As a board member of Zen Blockchain Foundation, Rolf is at the forefront of cryptocurrency development and operations. […]

#029 Apolline Blandin – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Apolline Blandin currently leads the cryptocurrency and blockchain research programme at the Centre for Alternative Finance, a research centre at the University of Cambridge. With her team, she’s been conducting research on the cryptoasset ecosystem, producing an annual report called the “Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study”. This study is based on non-publicly available data directly collecting […]

#028 Pop Adrian – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Pop Adrian joins us on today’s episode of Crypto Mining Tools. He started from humble beginnings in 2013 when he was just an everyday miner with 1 GPU rig. Today, Adrian is maintaining BlockChain Host, the largest Bitcoin mining facility in Eastern Europe. He operates the 63MW/h facility that is located in Romania. Adrian is […]

#026 Tony Gertz – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Tony Gertz works for a private company as a disaster planning consultant. He first became involved in cryptocurrency mining in the later half of 2012. He began his hobby, which later transformed into a part-time side gig, with 2 Butterfly Labs FPGAs and some GPU-based Litecoin mining rigs. Since then, he has upscaled his bookshelf […]

#025 JP Baric – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

JP Baric is the founder and CEO of MiningStore, a well-established technology company that hosts cryptocurrency miners. JP became interested in cryptocurrency as a freshman in high school and by his junior year was mining on a large-scale. In 2015 he launched MiningStore and quickly built a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest-quality rigs […]

#024 Chase & Nathan – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Chase Blackmon is CTO and Co-Founder of Immersion Systems. After 16 years of many successful ventures, he decided to refocus his efforts away from field work and more towards his true passion, technology. Nathan Nichols is the VP & Head of Business Development at the company. During this time, Nathan has brokered multi-million dollar mining […]

#023 Jan Čapek – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Jan Čapek of Braiins & Slush Pool will be a guest on the Crypto Mining Tools Podcast tomorrow at 1pm CST. Participate in the live recording with your questions and comments about their new BOSminer with Stratum V2 implementation. From a literal back-of-a-napkin concept to a full-featured CGminer alternative, BOSminer is a new standard for […]

#022 Shanon Squires – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Shanon Squires, B.A., ACSM EP-C, has taken a deep dive into Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Tokens and Mining. From educating others and successful trading, to building a mining farm pilot project. Shanon has acquired a vast and well-rounded body of knowledge in this new asset class. Over the years Shanon has developed key connections in the […]

#021 Lea Thompson – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Lea is the founder of ‘Girl Gone Crypto’ and a blockchain media & content specialist. She makes videos about blockchain for both nerds and normies alike. Lea is passionate about advancing the space by connecting everyday users to blockchain powered applications by focusing on projects that increase crypto adoption. She has an interesting ‘entry into […]